MSC - HR20

Marka: Cateye

Namjena: Multi-sport kompjuteri



CatEye's new wrist-mounted computer is the training device to maximize your potential.

More than a heart rate monitor, it's a Multi Sport Computer.
With large display, user profiles, and lap functions, the intuitively designed MSC computers will help make the results worth the effort.

The MSC-HR20 offers a customizable user profile that accurately tracks your training data, including calories burned and percent of those calories burned as fat. Innovative functions like low battery indicator, night mode with backlight, and key lock are in addition to standard functions such as heart rate, target zones with alarms, stop watch, and more. The MSC-HR20 has up to 44 laps and lap data review, and offers 3 exercise profiles that let you set up your own personal training routine.


  • Current Heart Rate
  • Average Heart Rate
  • Maximum Heart Rate
  • Percent of Maximum Heart Rate
  • Three customizable exercise profiles
  • 1 programmable Heart Rate Zone for each exercise
  • Time in target zone
  • Time above target zone
  • Time below target zone
  • Target zone limits
  • Icon Alarm for target zone
  • Audio Alarm for target zone
  • Warm-up Timer
  • Cool-down Timer
  • Lap function
  • Up to 44 laps
  • Lap Average Heart Rate
  • Lap Data Review


  • Exercise Data Summary
  • Total Exercise Time
  • Total Calories Burned
  • Percent of calories burned as fat
  • Stopwatch
  • Clock
  • Date and weekday
  • Backlight
  • Low battery indicator
  • Key Lock
  • Water resistant to 30 meters