Namjena: Držaći bočica i bočice



Structure: high impact-resistant painted fibre-reinforced material (FRP)

Elastic insert: weather-resistant elastomer

Weight: 40 gr.

The new, patented design optimizes the bottlecage with a firmer grip and easier bottle insertion/extraction even in extreme conditions.

- Self-adjusting retention system: the bottlecage’s front elastomer insert self-adjusts to bottle diameter
- Firm grip on the bottle: the new design wraps the bottle higher up for a firmer grip making the bottle more secure even during high-speed descents or over rough terrain
- Quick and easy bottle insertion and extraction: the bottlecage’s shape and the front self-adjusting insert make it easier to insert and extract the bottle so you won’t be distracted from the road ahead during your rides. The bottle can be inserted and extracted from both the front and side.
- Lightweight: 40 grams. The structural sections vary based on the tension level applied to different areas of the bottlecage, thereby eliminating unnecessary weight while retaining strength and safety.